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Apr 14, 2009

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compleatheretic's Profile
Last logged in:  Nov 17, 2019 
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Basic Information
Marital Status: Single
Seeking: A Long-term Relationship
Philosophy/Beliefs: Atheist, Freethinker, Humanist, Materialist
Political Views: Conservative
Zodiac Sign: I'll tell you later
Languages: English
Physical Appearance
Ethnicity: Caucasian (white)
Height: 6' 0" (183 cm)
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Brown
Body Type: A few extra pounds
Body art: Wouldn't even think about it
Best feature: I'll tell you later
Weight: 230 lbs (104.1 Kg)
Sense of humor: Campy: The cheesier, the better, Goofy: Cartoons still crack me up, Clever: Nothing's better than a quick-witted comeback, Obscure: I'm usually the only one laughing, Dry / Sarcastic: I'm not bitter because I'm single. Quite the opposite, Slapstick: Ask me about my favorite episode of 'I Love Lucy', Friendly: I'll laugh at anything
Exercise: Every other day
Daily diet: Meat and Potatoes, Keep it Healthy
Smoking: No, never
Drinking: Never
Living situation: Live alone
Have children: No
Want children: Yes
Professional Life
Education: Bachelor's degree
Employment status: Student
Current annual income: Less Than $25,000
Job schedule: Half time
About your match: I want a woman (18 to 30 or so; the limiting factor is time for children) who shares my (ir)religious beliefs and hopefully my political and social views. She should be my best friend and partner and share my ultimate goal of marriage and family; don't worry, I'm obviously in no hurry, and I'm a great believer in courtship. She would tolerate the fact that I'm a "work in progress."

I need an intelligent, educated, intellectual woman so we can delight in one another's minds and revel in learning more about the world together. I like a woman to be warm, sweet, affectionate, and even-tempered, but also firm, self-respecting, and no-nonsense. As for physical attraction, attractive to me is anything from cute to gorgeous, slender to somewhat stocky; basically, I want a pleasing face and body to package what's really important. Also, I prefer the natural look, but cosmetics used discreetly and well can be nice at times. I've always had a thing for cute, dumpy, intelligent, intellectual women as they have the potential to stimulate me thoroughly.

I realize the potential age difference would create an "interesting" psychosocial dynamic which would pose a significant challenge in any relationship and would require mutual effort to work out. Getting what one wants out of life is usually a challenge. Are you the Bacall for my Bogart?
Hobbies: Webmastering, Genealogy/Family History, Chess, Writing, Reading
Hot spots: I'll tell you later
Sports: Walking / Hiking
Favorite things: I'll tell you later
Common interests: Book club / Discussion, Movies / Videos

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